Slip Past Ordinary

At Slipstream Detail Supply, we recognize the dedication and meticulousness of every detailer. Our mission is to provide premium car care solutions without the premium price tag. Our products are precisely designed to clean, protect, and shine every vehicle. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we stand by every detailer in their journey towards perfection, ensuring each vehicle showcases their craftsmanship and our commitment to excellence.

Even though we are newcomers to the car care industry, we have over 4 decades of experience in formulating and manufacturing cleaning products. Our parent company, Chem-Serv, is a family owned and operated industrial sanitation product manufacturer. It is because of this infrastructure that we are able to offer our customers the most affordable prices when compared to other premium brands.

Beyond business, cars are our passion. Every member of our family-driven team is a car enthusiast at heart. During the challenges of the pandemic, we united our passion and expertise, meticulously blending our top-notch raw ingredients with traditional auto detailing formulas.  The outcome? Exceptional products that stand as a testament to our dedication to quality and our love for cars.

At Slipstream, our goal is to provide a brand the car community can trust by ensuring their vehicle is showroom ready. Whether that showroom is the valet of a nice restaurant, or the parking lot of your business, we want your vehicle to stand out. Make everywhere your own showroom.