PODIUM – pH Neutral Wash - 16oz
PODIUM – pH Neutral Wash - 16oz
PODIUM – pH Neutral Wash - 16oz

PODIUM – pH Neutral Wash - 16oz

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Introducing PODIUM – the evolution of car soaps that seamlessly blends high foaming and high cleaning power without compromising on either. If you've always had to choose between lathering foam and potent cleansing, look no further. With PODIUM, you get both.

Why PODIUM stands out:

  1. Balanced Blend: While most soaps force you to prioritize either foam or cleaning power, PODIUM breaks the mold. Our unique "foam stabilizer" ensures that the premium emulsifiers don’t devour the suds. You get a luxurious foam combined with unmatched cleaning potential.

  2. Safety and Lubrication: Foam isn't just about aesthetics; it’s a safety barrier. The rich lather from PODIUM provides essential lubrication, reducing the risk of scratches and swirls as you glide your wash mitt over your car's delicate paint.

  3. High Emulsification: PODIUM isn’t just about the foam. The power of high emulsification dives deep to purify and refresh the paint, ensuring a finish that looks and feels pristine.

  4. Neutral Charge Advantage: In a world of anionic soaps that possess negatively charged atoms, PODIUM sets itself apart. These typical soaps can attract positively charged contaminants like dirt, dust, and oils. But not PODIUM. Being nonionic, it is neutrally charged. This means your car doesn't become a magnet for dirt. The result? Your car stays cleaner, longer.

  5. pH Neutral Perfection: With a neutral pH, PODIUM ensures optimal care, avoiding any chemical imbalance that can harm your car's paint or finish.

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