GRIT - Iron Remover - 16oz
GRIT - Iron Remover - 16oz
GRIT - Iron Remover - 16oz

GRIT - Iron Remover - 16oz

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Discover GRIT, your next essential tool for car care. Expertly formulated, GRIT effectively eliminates iron contaminants from your vehicle's paint. These minute iron particles, often invisible to the naked eye, can compromise the paint's smoothness and shine. By using GRIT, you can restore and preserve the car's pristine appearance.


  • Superior Iron Removal: GRIT's advanced formula effectively targets and removes embedded iron contaminants, presenting a surface that's not just clean, but deeply purified.

  • pH Balanced & Acid-Free: Developed with the utmost care, GRIT boasts a pH-balanced and acid-free composition, ensuring maximum safety without compromising efficacy.

  • Universal Safety: Whether you own a vintage beauty, a modern marvel, or anything in between, GRIT is formulated to be gentle on all paint types and surfaces, guaranteeing a risk-free decontamination experience every single time.

  • Easy Application: GRIT's user-friendly design ensures a simple and straightforward application process, making your detailing sessions both effective and efficient.

  • Eco-conscious: Keeping the environment in mind, GRIT is created with sustainability at its core, ensuring every spray is as kind to our planet as it is to your car.

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